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Laying the Foundation of a Successful Website

By on Jan 17, 2013 in Web Design |

What you say, where you say it and how you say it are very important when designing a successful website. Your website must answer the age-old “who, what, when, where, why and how” questions. The overall premise of a website is really very simple. To be more specific, your website needs to answer:

Who You Are (WHO WE ARE or ABOUT US or Meet the Team!)
Your customer should know right away where he or she has landed. This can be achieved by using a logo, and company name up top, or perhaps a welcoming statement. Your website should also answer the “who” question in more detail for those that want to know. There should be an “About Us” page that tells the company story, its values and how it does business. There can even be profiles of the employees or pictures of the buildings.

What You Do (WHAT WE DO or Professional Services or Products)
Your customer should know clearly what you do or what your business does. Avoid corporate speak. Address the problems the services solve, touting your company’s expertise and spelling out the benefits of the company’s services. There should be a “Services” page that clearly defines the services you offer.

Why Someone Should Do Business with You (WHY HIRE US or Why USE US)
This question needs to be answered “directly” throughout your entire website. Every page should have a reason to do business with you whether you are touting your years of experience or your guarantee. “Testimonials” are VERY important for a service site and deserve their own page.

What Locations You Service (WHERE WE SERVICE or Locations)
Nobody should guess where you service. For many companies the answer is everywhere, so let people know that no matter where they are, you can help them. Otherwise the areas serviced should be apparent. An offshoot to the “where” question is the “how big?” Anyone reading your website should clearly understand the “scope” of your services.

How Someone Goes About Using You (Get a Quote, Contact Us or Let’s Get Started)
Your customer needs to clearly know how they can do business with you. The path to purchase, get a quote or contact you must be clear and easy and all over the place! The general rule is three clicks: doing business with you should be no more than three clicks away. That means one click “Contact Us” page, one click to open an email link and one click to send. Your customer should be able to do this from anywhere on your site.
The very nature of the internet is that it is a NOW medium. Be sure to include simple statements like “Get an Instant Quote TODAY”.

In addition to answering the six questions, a successful website is also one that is simple to use. Remember,

Good web design means never having to say “Click Here”